What's it like to be involved in the Inspire Arizona Program? Whether you are a high school student, teacher, community leader, or supporter, when you get involved, you are helping young voices speak out and be heard in our federal, state, and local governments.

The 2017-18 Inspire AZ Program takes place during the school year. Although the program can vary each year, here are the foundational components.

The Inspire2Vote Leadership Academy

The Academy is one of the most important components of the Inspire AZ Program. Inspired Leaders will receive Voter Registration training and develop critical leadership and problem-solving skills as they assess the civic health of their state, advance their effectiveness as communicators, and plan projects and activities focused on making a positive impact in their community. 

The Inspired Year

After graduating from the Academy, students begin a year of activities designed to improve their communities and strengthen our democracy. We call this "The Inspired Year."

Collaborating with fellow Academy graduates, community mentors, and the Inspire Arizona staff at a series of trainings and events, these young men and women engage their peers and communities while challenging themselves to be stronger leaders and more informed citizens.

The Inspired Year includes:

Inspire2Vote Leadership Academy 

The Academy is a kickoff to begin the Inspired Year. During the Leadership Academy, students who have been selected into the program will have the opportunity to network among one another, develop their leadership skills, understand the importance of being civically engage, and how to register their peers to vote.  

First Vote Projects (National Voter Registration Day)

In order to improve the civic health of a community and strengthen our democracy, more people need to be involved in the electoral process. To this end, students lead non-partisan voter registration projects at their high schools with fellow students whom they have recruited to support their efforts.

Candidate Forum

Students will prepare and deliver questions to candidates for local offices that are vying for their votes.  Candidates will speak to the issues concerning our leaders, their families, and their communities.  Here students will have the chance to speak directly with current and future lawmakers as active citizen voters and leaders of their generation.

Get Out the Vote 

Before Election Day this November, Inspired Leaders and local volunteers will work alongside our partner organizations to phone bank and lead social media efforts aimed at increasing the youth voter turnout to record numbers this election.  Our Inspired Leaders call on the hundreds of students across the state that have pledged to vote and remind them that they have the opportunity to decide the next President of the United States as well as many other state and local offices.

Leadership Academy 2.0

After the Winter Holidays, we bring the Inspire Arizona staff together with the Inspired Leaders for another one or two day event where they will greatly expand upon the lessons of the fall Leadership Academy and the experience they have gained in the interim.  Activities and curriculum will focus on holding elected officials accountable, active community engagement, and how to remain engaged and active between election cycles.  

Day at the Legislature 

Students will meet with legislators to discuss the issues they focused on throughout the Inspired Year and learn more about how our state is governed.

Monthly Meetings 

High school teams will host a monthly meeting along with program coordinators to reconnect, receive additional training, and provide project updates.

Annual Celebration 

At the conclusion of the Inspired Year, students will gather to celebrate the achievements of their life changing year.